Tingo Remit aims to simplify the process of the African diaspora sending money home and to provide a fast and effective means to transfer money online internationally. Tingo Remit offers low-cost, high-speed, and secure online international money transfer services as a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional money transfer companies and local agents.


Public health care in many developing countries fails to meet basic standards and private medical care is difficult to access and often is cost prohibitive. As a result, vast numbers of people do not receive critical care when in need.

Tingo Health is the world’s first health care remittance service. Tingo Health makes it possible for Nigerians in the African Diaspora to provide access to first class health care support to their family and friends at home. Our partner network across Nigeria provides first class medical care which would have otherwise been far beyond the means of the majority of the population. Our program covers all outpatient visits, immunizations, long term degenerative illnesses and antenatal care.

We have developed a solution to tackle this global challenge. In collaboration with health insurance companies such as Reliance HMO and Harry Health, we have partnered with close to a thousand private medical centers to offer affordable private health care coverage. From as little as $12(USD) it is now possible for your family and friends to have guaranteed access to first class medical care whenever and wherever they need it.